Winter Care Tips for French Bulldogs

Winter Care Tips for French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are sensitive to cold weather. If you are thinking of visiting a frenchie breeder Las Vegas to buy one for yourself, it is time to understand how they may react to the weather and what can be done to keep them safe.

French Bulldogs are brachycephalic breed which makes their body lose heat quicker. They have elongated soft palate leading to breathing related issues. Additionally, short coats on their body do not keep them warm during winter. Frenchies are not outdoor dogs. Cold weather can cause dehydration and hypothermia. Hence, your Frenchie deserve extra care and attention in winter.


Symptoms that your Frenchie is Cold


- Refuses to go outside

- Burrowing in bed

- Making a nest

- Shivers

- Is lethargic

- Lifts paws off the ground

- Barks or whines

Frenchies may even develop serious conditions such as hypothermia (a fatal condition resulting in loss of blood circulation, stiff muscles, weakness, slow heartbeat and kidney failure) and frostbite.


Hypothermia Symptoms


- Shivering

- Trembling

- Dilated pupils

- Slowing down

- Less movement

- Trouble walking

- Cold skin and fur

- Breathing issue

- Slowed down heart rate

- Dilated pupils

- Blue or pale gums

- Pale inner eyelids

Here’s how to care your French Bulldogs during winter:


Health Check


It is advisable to give your little pups and older dogs health check at the start of winter. If your Frenchie has a pre-existing medical condition, take him to a vet for a health check. Your vet will check him for any potential signs of health issues that may get worse due to temperature drop in the environment.


Avoid Overfeeding


It is important to keep your dog’s body weight to a normal level. Since he may not be able to go out much, it is easier to put on weight. The weather also makes one hungry and you may want to feed them more. A little increase in food is ok to keep energy levels up. However, overfeeding is a no-no.


Check Drinking Water


The water should be warm to avoid sore throat and other symptoms of cold. It is advisable to place the bowl in a warmer spot. Tepid water is a good choice.

Stay Indoors


Frenchie should stay indoor more. You can make him walk through indoors. Play with him to give him some exercise and ensure fitness.

Potty Training Pads

Puppy training pads are an excellent option for helping them relieve indoors. Older dogs know how to use these pads. These are easily available on Amazon.


Winter Jacket


A winter jacket is a must have for your Frenchie during cold weather. These days, you can get a wide range of winter clothing in the market. Most of them are designed for Frenchies. Boots are also a good option to provide ample protection during winter walking sessions.


Paw Protection


Paws can crack and damage during winter. The condition is painful. Moisturize using products designed for paws. Winter boots also help keep the paw warm and soft.

Keep them Dry


Do not allow your Frenchie to get wet. It can be dangerous.

Trim Nails

It is important to avoid accidents on ice and winter injury.


Keeping French Bulldog Warm at Night


Avoid placing beds in cold rooms. It is a good idea to use hot (not too hot) water bottle. Frenchie’s bed should be raised off the floor. It will prevent the bed from getting too cold. Adding layers to bedding helps. A doughnut ring is ideal to encourage them to nest in. Heater will keep the room warm. However, take special care that your Frenchie does not get too close to the heater.


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