Tips to Train a French Bulldog

Tips to Train a French Bulldog

Did you know French Bulldogs have ranked in the list of top 10 most popular dogs? Interestingly they have been ranking on top for years now! Well, these pups are super adorable and playful. The best part is that they’re adaptable. You can keep them at a mansion, an apartment, on a country farm, and literally anywhere you go.

Training French Bulldogs

These cuties are not hard to raise! Since they are clever dogs, you can easily train them by giving them some motivation. It is important to impose dog friendly techniques to ensure they have fun during the training program. You can use some treats and toys to achieve training goals. Since French Bulldogs are human oriented dogs, they love to learn and can easily master of polite behaviors.

Best Time to Start

The sooner, the better! You need to inculcate foundation behaviors right from puppyhood and once you buy one at French Bulldog for sale CA. However, it isn’t tough to train an untrained adult French bulldog if you do not wish to buy a puppy. It is good to start training French Bulldog puppies at eight weeks. You can introduce basic obedience signals such as come, go, sit, down, etc. They can also learn to greet without jumping up.

If you are training an adult Frenchies, giving away treats can motivate even the most stubborn dogs!

Quick Action

You should focus on giving short; cheerful training sessions to ensure are the key to success. The training sessions need to be brief to help keep your French Bulldog focused. Try to have fun together. Lessons should feel like a game for your pup. This way they learn better.

Treat Wisely

Getting angry, impatient and grumpy may not come out well for your dog. Make sure you treat them well. Try using a combination of daily food with some tiny snack nibbles. This will also keep the waistline of your Frenchie.

Keep Safety in Mind

Frenchies are flat nosed dogs. Hence, they are prone to breathing difficulties. It is best to avoid overexertion when training them. Take special care when training them during warm weather. Give them fresh water at regular intervals. Allow them to take frequent breaks. Stop immediately if you see the pup panting heavily during training.

Potty Training

French Bulldogs hold a reputation for being tough to potty train. However, you don’t need to follow special rules to potty train them. All you need to do is supervise them well, exercise a little patience, and give rewards for small successes.

Set and Stick to a Routine

Regardless of the age of your pup, it is important to maintain a predictable schedule. This will help him potty train faster. You need to set specific time for walk, meals, rest, potty trips and play.  When you keep up with routines, your pup will adapt to the schedule and know exactly when to head outside.

You should also remember that your Frenchie is ready to potty after meals. He can also take a trip post vigorous play sessions, taking a nap and once out of the crate. The pup needs to go frequently and there’s no such thing as too many trips to potty especially at the initial stages of training!

Supervise Well

Supervision can help you figure out how to potty train. Pups may sneak off to a different space or room to relieve themselves. In case, you see your pup doing that, simply take him out.


You must always accompany your pup outside for potty trip. This will help you know if he has actually relieved himself. You can also give him a reward immediately after potty.



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