Tips to Take Care of French Bulldog Puppies

Tips to Take Care of French Bulldog Puppies

Are you planning to get a French Bulldog Puppy at home? If yes, then it is time to understand ways to care for the puppy. It is crucial to be very careful right from the beginning to ensure the puppy grows healthy and happy.

Little French bulldog puppies are very loving and adorable. However, these cuties need to be handled with care. This helps them grow up to be obedient and socializing dogs. The breed is known to be loyal companions of their owners.

Here are some tips to care your French bulldog puppy:



This is one of the most important steps to consider. The puppy training should start right after you bring him home from French Bulldog for sale CA! Keep the environment clean. Your puppy is very small and needs time to get acclimatized to the new environment. As an owner, you must make efforts to help puppy adjust. Allow him to laze around his allotted area and play with his toys. After some time, the puppy can be shifted outside or a place close to the house.

Toilet training is difficult. In fact, it is the most difficult part of having a puppy at home. Whenever you see the puppy ready to do its “business”, ask him to move out. Speak to him in a low yet firm tone. This will help him correlate “business” with “outside”. Do not punish or spank the pup. The training sessions should be fun and friendly.


Health & Nutrition

Once you bring a puppy home, it is your responsibility to take care of his nutritional requirements. You must plan a proper diet for your puppy. Strictly avoid giving your pup table scraps or feeding human food. Look for a good quality Dog food fit for their age and breed. Apart from main food, you can add some healthy snacks, biscuits, and chewable items. Chewable items are also good for removing the tartar building up on the teeth. It will help maintain their teeth health. You can introduce both dry and wet food to the puppy. After feeding wet food or canned items, the dog should get his teeth cleaned. You can brush his teeth gently to slough off any leftovers. Many puppies are allergic to meat. In this case, you can introduce fish into his diet. It is an excellent Omega3 source. Strictly avoid feeding grains to French Bulldogs. Most of them are allergic to gluten.


French bulldog puppies have short and very soft coat. Hence, they do not need grooming very frequently. Avoid bathing them on a regular basis. Frequent baths can strip their coat of essential oils. Wash them only when required. Use only shampoos recommended for dogs to wash puppy’s coat. It is also important to use a good quality conditioner. This will keep the pup’s hair smooth, shiny and silky. Cleaning teeth and trimming nails regularly are a part of their grooming. It is very important for their oral health and hygiene.



French bulldog puppies love to eat. In fact, they can eat all the time. However, you should restrict their diet to a healthy frequency to avoid making them heftier and obese. Obesity in French bulldogs lead to several issues such as heart disease, breathing problem and many others. The best way to feed your dog is to use a measuring cup. It is an essential part of feeding pups. Strictly avoid going overboard and giving into their pleading expressions. They may look at you with baleful eyes to get more food. However, you must feed them only as advised by the veterinarian according to puppy’s age, size and rate of metabolism.

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