Simple Tips to choose a french bulldog puppy

Simple Tips to choose a french bulldog puppy

French bulldogs can make amazing companions. They have been friends to human since the early 1800s. The origin of these cuties belongs to lace-producing regions of northern France. French bull dogs make for the cutest lap dog and companion. They are known for their intelligence and alertness.

If you are looking forward to bring a French Bull dog to home, here are some tips to follow:



Know the traits of French Bulldog breed well. French bulldogs are small and compact. They have large bat-shaped ears. The dogs are usually playful and very pleasant to be. They have thick bone structure.



You need to decide what your French bulldog will be. Are you planning to have it as a show dog or just a companion? It isn’t easy to find a show dog. They are expensive due to high demand and you need to be extremely careful about their traits and looks. Having a pet-quality Frenchie can be easier and more acceptable.


Contact the Best Breeder

Get in touch with the best French bulldog breeder. You need to see the puppies they have. I most cases, the breeder will ask you a few questions. It is just to know your plans with the puppy. Make sure you answer the questions honestly.



After answering the questions, it is time to ask your queries to your breeder. You must ask the breeder if the puppies have been cleared of any potential genetic conditions. This is important because French bulldogs are prone certain diseases including patellar luxation and hip dysplasia. Hence, it is crucial to know if the parents of the chosen puppy have been cleared of genetic issues prior to being bred.


Best Time to Visit the Breeder

Knowing the best time to visit the breeder can be a game changer. Experts suggest that one must pay a visit when the puppies are ready to be weaned. This is considered to be the ideal time to choose a puppy. The breeder will show you the entire litter. He should be able to explain the best puppy according to your requirements.


Spend Time

You should sit down with the puppies and spend some time with puppies. Try getting close to these little cuties. Let them interact with you. This will help you understand the way they handle human contact.



Once you finalize the puppy, it is time to sign contract. The breeder will help you with this. Make sure you read the entire contract. Also discuss payment arrangements while signing the contract. You can also ask any final questions you may have about the pup.


Vet Visit

The new puppy needs a visit to the veterinarian. So schedule an appointment with your veterinarian and get the pup examined. The vet will help you with a thorough physical examination of your pup.


Expert Tips

Most people are not aware but French bulldogs are rare in several parts of the world. A good breeder will give you a handout outlining details about proper care of puppy, any health concerns, and even return policies in case you wish to return the pup!

It is recommended to visit a number of breeders prior to making the final decision.

Most importantly, you should be ready to keep the pup. It is a huge responsibility and no less than having a child of your own. Screen your dog for genetic anomalies. Get him checked for any other health concerns.

Hope the above tips help you to choose a good French Bull dog for you. You should research about the French Bulldog Breeder in California before buying a pup. This is important to avoid any unpleasant experiences in future. =====================================================================

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