Signs of Heatstroke in French Bulldogs

Signs of Heatstroke in French Bulldogs


Did you know heatstroke (another term for hyperthermia where temperature of body rises above 104F) in French Bulldogs can be deadly? The major issue is that the condition is silent. Understanding the signs of heatstroke will help you protect you furry buddy from the harsh effects of this condition.


Frenchies are more vulnerable to heatstroke due to their cute squishy little face which makes it difficult for them to breathe. Hence, it is important to give extra care to the puppy during hotter seasons. In case, you reside in hotter areas and planning to buy a pup from frenchie breeder Los Angeles CA, you may need some caution during exercise all year round and follow the tips given below:


Signs of Heatstroke in French Bulldogs


In case, your dog shows any of the signs of heatstroke listed below, get veterinary attention without delay:


- Excessive drooling

- Excessive panting that gets worse

- Lack of coordination

- Lethargy

- Dizziness

- Collapsing

- Mental confusion

- Fever

- Bright red or pale gums

- Rapid heart rate

- Loss of consciousness

- Glazed eyes


Prevention Methods


You should always keep a check on your Frenchie’s body temperature during hot summer days. Here are some of the prevention methods you can take:


- Limit exposure to hot & humid conditions

- Strictly avoid leaving your dog inside a car with no A/C on

- Make sure your dog gets ample access to water

- Keep your dog is kept in shady spots


What to Do if your Frenchie is Overheated?


Here are some of the steps you can take to make sure your dog gets treated on time:


- Shift the pup to a cooler area. In case, he is outside, take him indoors immediately.

- Place the Frenchie in the bathtub or a cool puppy-pool.

- Run a cool shower over your pet (make sure the water is not cold). The shower should cover the whole body of your puppy. Spray generously at the back of the head and neck. The head should be maintained in an elevated position to prevent aspiration pneumonia.

- In case, you don’t have a tub/shower available at the moment, use a garden hose or small pool. - Spray on your dog some cool water.

- Cold packs also work very well. Apply a cold pack to the Frenchie’s head. If you don’t have a cold pack, use a packet of frozen vegetables or anything frozen out of freezer.

- Massage your pup’s legs. This is important for ensuring ample circulation with dog. Rub vigorously to reduce any risks of shock.

- Allow the dog to drink cool or cold water. You can add a pinch of salt to the water bowl. This will help replenish any lost minerals through panting.


Dangers of Heatstroke


When left untreated, a heatstroke can affect your dog in the following ways:


If your dog shows signs of heatstroke, take him immediately to a vet. Do not wait to see if they improve at home. Most people don’t know that sometimes, a heatstroke can result in death in just 15 minutes! The earlier you take your Frenchie to the vet, the faster they can recover.


- Seizures

- Coma

- Permanent damage to organs

- Death


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