Simple Tips to Keep A French Bulldog Healthy

Simple Tips to Keep A French Bulldog Healthy

Apart from your unconditional love and attention, your Frenchie requires appropriate care. This will keep him healthy, happy and live longer. French Bulldog is a low-energy breed. A frenchie breeder San Clemente CA will always recommend human assistance to ensure the dog stays healthy. Here are some tips to keep your Frenchie healthy and happy:

Regular Walks

Dog walking is a healthy practice. You should consider taking your dog for a walk every day. It is good for keeping him in a good shape. This is also important to help him develop a habit of doing his business outside. Frenchies are prone to obesity. They need to be walked multiple times in a day! In case, the weather is adverse (too hot or too cold), involve him in home activities.

Keep a Check on Weather

The skull of a French Bull dog makes it vulnerable to hypothermia and overheating. Hence, it is important to take care of their health during summer. Hot weather can be hazardous for this breed. So, when walking them during summer, take them outside early in the morning. You may also choose to walk them late in the evening when the temperature drops. You may also invest in some cooling items such as a cooling vest, bandana, bed, etc.

Severe drop in temperature can also make them sick. So make sure you dress them appropriately.  Avoid taking them out when it is snowing or the temperature is too low.

Take Care of Diet

It is very important to choose the right French bulldog diet. Food plays a crucial role in keeping your French bulldog healthy and happy. The breed has a tendency to develop digestion related issues. This is due to rapid ingestion. These dogs have flat muzzles which make it tough for them to eat properly. Most of the time, these poor babies have to literally inhale the food from their bowl. Hence, it is important to choose food that is 100% free of artificial colors and by-products. Experts also recommend investing in an anti-choke feeding bowl. The bowl is specifically designed keeping in mind Frenchie’s mouth shape. It comes with a special rotating bone in the center. This bowl prolongs the meal time and prevents the pup from choking.

Right Choice of Grooming Products

Frenchies have sensitive skin. So make sure you choose shampoos and other grooming products specifically designed for this breed. Special treatment is required to relieve them from itchiness and prevent infections.


Add Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids into your Frenchie’s diet if the coat looks dull. Adding fresh veggies and fruits is also helpful in improving skin, hair and immunity of your furry buddy.

Some Important Things to Consider

There are a number of other things you need to consider to keep your French bulldog healthy:

Regular Vaccinations –

It is not advisable to skip or delay vaccinations. Regular vaccinations are a key factor for owning a healthy dog. You should vaccinate your pet against diseases which may be fatal for your furry baby. Timely vaccination can save French Bulldog from fatal diseases including:

- Distemper

- Parvo

- Panleukopenia

- Rabies

- Many More

Parasite Protection –

Make sure you offer ample protection from insects, ticks, fleas, and other parasites. Apart from maintaining regular hygiene and taking your furry baby, it is advisable to use a tick collar. This will prevent tick and flea infestation.

Understand your Dog –

It is important to observe your dog’s body language. Take special care if there is any unusual behavior of shown your dog. A health condition has higher cure ratewhen detected earlier and treated right from the initial stage.


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