A Brief Guide to Food for French Bulldog

A Brief Guide to Food for French Bulldog

Providing food for your pet is the most important part of owning one. Your furry family member deserves a top-notch diet schedule to stay healthy. The best food for French Bulldogs depends on their age. You can speak to your frenchie breeder Las Vegas or a vet for better food brand and package recommendations.

Types of Food for French Bulldog

The marketplace is loaded with varied types of food for French Bulldogs. You need to focus on providing good nutrition for your young Frenchie puppy to help him grow well.

Dry Food

This is the most common and popular fog food. It is bagged carefully in a dry state with a very small percentage of water. Dry food helps building teeth strength. It is known to have longer shelf life and an affordable option. The food comes power packed with proper nutrients such as minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, and vitamins. You can choose from a wide range of flavor options and even better options for dogs with allergies. Make sure you give water while offering dry food to your pup.


Wet Food

Packaged in a can, wet food comprises of ample amount of water. It is a hot favorite among dogs. Wet food is the perfect choice for picky eaters. It has long shelf life. The food may result in loose stools.

Home-Prepared Food

This may be a good option if you prepare it in a dog friendly way. You need to focus on adding good amount of nutrients and avoid a lot of salt, sugar and spices. It is important to research a lot to make sure the food has all the proper nutrients for your dog.

Feeding Tips for Your Dog

Keep the feeding and drinking bowl at height. This makes it easier for the pooch eat and swallow.

Feed Slow

It is advisable to maintain a slow feeding bowl. This is important to make sure your Frenchie does not eat too fast. Eating faster can lead to an upset stomach. A slow feed bowl will make your dog work longer for his food. The challenge is also good for your energetic Frenchie!


You should focus on providing ample amount of water to your dog. Dry dog food does not have ample amount of moisture or water. Hence, you need to give a significant amount of drinking water with food.


It is important for your Frenchie to rest after eating. This helps avoid stomach upset. So make sure you allow your dog to rest for at least an hour to an hour and a half after food. In case, your dog likes to relieve himself, take him to a quick potty break.

Feed Frequency

The frequency of your French Bulldog’s feed depends on the routine you may have. Your Frenchie should react well to eating time. Sometimes, the puppy may need to eat more times in a single day as compared to an adult dog. Maintain a schedule that seems comfortable to you and your dog. Make sure you maintain a regular feeding routine.

Read the Label

Usually, the amount recommended for dog according to their age and weight is described on food manual. It is advised to offer the dose accordingly. Later on, you can adjust as per the dog’s health, vet’s recommendation and physical activity.

Order in Advance

Make sure you do not run out of food or snacks for your dog. Feeding human food and table scraps is not healthy. So order in advance online and keep a check on the quality left in the package. There are many companies that offer same day delivery on dog food with exciting discounts.

To Sum Up

Your dog’s diet is directly related to his health. Hence, it is important to maintain an amazing quality of diet every single day. The better diet your pooch gets, the better the health. The above info can help you to maintain good diet regime for your Frenchie without making him obese.


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