A Brief Guide for New Frenchie Puppy Parents

A Brief Guide for New Frenchie Puppy Parents

So you have purchased the cutest French bulldog puppy from a reputed frenchie breeder California! Congratulations! This is a wonderful decision. However, there are a number of things you need to do to prepare yourself and your home for the little one. Here’s a brief guide for new Frenchie puppy parents:


Is your home safe for the pup? The little bundle of joy is no less than a human baby. Pups are curious about the world around them. Their habit to explore everything around them can be dangerous. Installing a stair gate can be very useful. Keep small things such as paper pins, nails, buttons, coins, etc. away to prevent the pup from swallowing them.

A waste bin should always be hidden behind closed doors. Keep extensions cords and sockets away from the reach of your french bulldog puppy. Cover sockets to avoid accidents.

Plants can harm your puppy. Place them away from puppy’s reach. They can chew the plants on. Some of these can be toxic. Spinach and tomato plants may cause serious (fatal) illness.

Keep medication and prescription drugs away from puppy. Painkillers and fever pills can be deadly for dogs. They can also die by accidentally popping vitamins, antidepressants, and dietary pills.


Buy feeding bowls for your puppy. A shallow and narrow bowl is the best choice. It ensures easier and comfortable reach to food. Stainless steel bowls are the best for dogs.

Comfortable Bed

You can get a cozy basket for your pup. These are available in various sizes and shapes. Invest in washable, soft, baskets without borders to chew.


This is helpful for helping puppies fall asleep or crate training. A crate can be used for night as it restricts movement of the puppy and ensures safety. It is also very useful for training.


A harness is recommended for a French bulldog. They have small windpipe and are prone to develop a herniated disc in the neck. The weight of a harness gets distributed to the whole body keeping the neck protected.


French bulldog puppies need toys. These are helpful for chewing and indulging in healthy activities. Chewing is good for healthier teeth and stronger jaw muscle.


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