Grooming Tips for your Frenchie

Grooming Tips for your Frenchie

Once you get this cutie with Batman ears, it is time to know about how to groom it. These little creatures are born with emotive eyes. The adorable French bulldog has been ranked as the 4th most popular dog across the United States. Hence, this amazing pooch deserves a special grooming experience that can help capture their vibrant personality.

It was during the early 1800s, the lacemakers from England caught a fancy for toy bulldogs. Later on, the lace makers moved to France with bulldogs during the industrial revolution. Thereafter, the dogs were crossbred with terriers and pugs. This process developed their popular bat ears. A Parisian life is incomplete without these iconic pups. In the olden days, Frenchies were a natural in cafe culture. They sat outside proudly with their owners watching the activities around.

So if you are looking forward to grooming the French bulldog, here are some expert tips for you:




Although the fur of French bulldog is super short and smooth, these pups have a tendency to shed. The hair is fine and managing shedding shouldn’t be an issue for you. The fine hair needs occasional brushing. Experts recommend using a hound glove or grooming mitt (preferably rubber) to remove the shed hair from their body. Brushing will also promote healthier hair and shinier coat.

Weekly brushing is a healthy way of circulating oil from the skin evenly, improve blood circulation, and remove dead skin. Fur of French bulldog comes in many colors. The black fur is the most popular one.




Frenchie is a clean breed. Hence, they do not require frequent baths. You can simply scrub if the coat gets visibly dirty. Take special care while giving Frenchie a bath. You need to use a shampoo specifically designed for French bulldogs. These pups are prone to allergies. Only a vet-recommended shampoo formulated for this breed to help manage allergies and other skin condition.

Take special care to clean folds in their faces while bathing them. Avoid leaving their face wet. Moisture trapped in between the folds can lead to infections. Dry the Frenchie while lifting the folds. Also check any signs of irritation. You can also use dog-friendly baby wipes to clean folds.

Talcum powder can help keep the folds dry under humid climates. Cornstarch is also helpful. The practice will help keep irritation and infection at bay. It is also take care of moisture build-up. Take your Frenchie to a vet if you notice redness or hotspots showing a reaction to environment.


Trimming Nails

This is an important part of grooming a French bulldog. Overgrown nails can lead to accidents, pain, and breakage. Check their nails regularly. Help your dog get a habit of cutting nails right from puppyhood.


Tear Stain


Look for tear stains under the eyes. This is more noticeable in lighter-colored Frenchies. These tear stains result from overproduction of tear ducts which might lead to infection. Consult your vet if you notice redness under or around the eyes. Rubbing face on the furniture is also a warning sign.


Ear Grooming


Frenchies have fewer ear related issues. However, you need to clean gently using a damp washcloth and keep an eye on signs of redness or irritation.



A reputed Frenchie breeder California will advise you against this. Many of the toy breeds with short hair such as Chihuahua, Pug, Corgis and Shiba Inus do not need hair-cuts. One of the major reasons is that their hair doesn’t grow past a specific length. Additionally, cutting or shaving hair is unhealthy. Remember that French bulldogs have very little hair. Hence, they shouldn’t go for a haircut. The fine and little amount of hair they have is essential for protection of skin and maintaining healthy body temperature.

In case of severe allergies or other skin conditions, you can shave the pup’s hair with vet’s recommendation. Under such conditions, you may need to shave hair to ease application of topical medication.

Instead of shaving or trimming your Frenchie’s hair, it is advisable to simply give a brushing session and shampoo monthly. This will keep your French bulldog’s coat clean and super shiny.

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