Best Tips on French Bulldog Winter Care

Best Tips on French Bulldog Winter Care

French bulldogs are short-haired breeds and do not do very well with cold weather. Hence, it is important to take extra care and protect themselves from snow, chilly air, and dropping temperature.


Pre-planning is crucial before taking them out in winters. Frenchies deserve ample care and a warm crate during this season. Winter is usually seen as a happy season by most people across the globe, pups may not actually approve of it. The season may actually call for more number of vet visits.


Luckily, there are some easier hacks you can use to extend emotional support to your dog. Here’s how you can make cold months easier for your furry baby:





Buy soft sweaters for your Frenchie. Apart from adding to the cuteness of the pup, it will keep him warm and cozy. Woolen garments should be worn by your pup when they go out. Some are even designed for indoors. These soft sweaters are capable of restoring heat within body. Most people do not realize but French bulldogs generate less heat as compared to other breeds. Their body also loses heat super quick. So always add an extra layer of protection to your body.


Invest in a Good Towel


Feet of puppy are very delicate. Hence paw care is a crucial part of winter care. Dogs love to play in snow without knowing how dangerous it can be for the feet. Once in a while it is ok to let them enjoy snowfall. However, you need to be cautious. Harmful chemicals are used to melt the ice on roads. The chemicals may cause cracks in your Frenchie’s paw. Some may even cause painful allergies. Make sure you clean paw carefully to prevent the worst scenarios. Wipe off their feet gently using soft towels.


Treating Frenchie with Cold


Here are some tips to help your French bulldog suffering from cold:


Increase Fluid Intake

Usually, sick Frenchies refuse to drink water. However, it is of utmost importance to ensure your pup gets amole fluid. This will protect them from dehydration. Add some chicken broth to water bowl if he refuses to drink plain water. The taste will encourage him to drink the required amount of fluid.




Frenchies may refuse to have food when suffering from cold. However, this can be dangerous for his health. Vets recommend adding extra nutrition to pet’s diet to help them maintain strength. Try adding his favorite food along with your Frenchie’s regular food. You can also give him small frequent meals or healthy snacks.


No Outings!


It is recommended that your Frenchie stays indoors when it’s too cold. Your Frenchie may want to go outside but you need to convince him to stay indoors. Play with him or help him engage in some activities inside the house. You can also use training pads to avoid exposing the pup to extreme cold weather temperatures.




Allow your Frenchie ample time to rest and recover from the condition. The playtime and similar activities should be restricted to the minimum.


Emotional Support


You should give ample love and affection to the pup. Give him some attention and care. This will help with faster recovery.


To Sum Up


Have you just bought the cutest fluff ball from a frenchie breeder San Clemente CA? Are you worried about your Frenchie’s health during cold weather? If yes, follow the above listed tips and provide ample protection to your beloved pup. This will help him recover faster and in a better way.


In case, your Frenchie does not respond to the treatment and care at home and still shows signs of cold and illness, take him to a vet without delay. Timely medical attention can help him recover faster.


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