Common French Bulldog Allergy Problems to Know

Common French Bulldog Allergy Problems to Know

French Bulldogs are the cutest! However, they are also known for pretty long list of genetic health problems. In case, you are looking forward to visit some breeders offering frenchies for sale San Clemente, it is time to start off with some research.

Allergies are pretty common among Frenchies. Genetics are usually responsible for increasing the risk of a French Bulldog developing an allergy. Besides, they can develop allergies at any time. Most flat-faced breeds (which a French Bulldog is) are at a higher risk of developing allergies as compared to their non-brachycephalic counterparts.

Your pooch can suffer from varied types of allergies including food allergies, environmental allergies, seasonal allergies, and drug allergies.

Common Allergy Symptoms to Look for

Here are some of the symptoms of allergies in French Bulldogs to look for:

- Itchy, red, moist skin

- Scabbed skin

- Increased scratching

- Itchy, runny eyes

- Itchy back or base of tail (this is also a kind of flea allergy)

- Itchy ears and ear infections

- Sneezing

- Vomiting

- Diarrhea

- Snoring (usually caused due to an inflamed throat)

- Swollen paws

- Constant Paw chewing

- Constant licking (don’t mistake this trait to their love for cleanliness)


The major causes of these symptoms may be allergens. Listed below are some of the most common Frenchie allergens:

- Tree and grass

- Weed pollens

- Mold spores

- Cigarette smoke (smoking around kids and pets should be avoided)

- Dust outside and inside home

- Insecticidal shampoo

- Dust mites at home

- Dander

- Fabrics

- Feathers

- Some food ingredients such as soy, chocolates, beef, chicken, pork, corn, and wheat

- Prescription drugs (speak to your veterinarian before giving any medication to your pup)

- Fleas and all types flea-control products (some flea bites can even trigger intense itchiness for around two to three weeks)

- Perfumes

- Cleaning products

- Rubber and plastic materials

In case, you suspect your French Bulldog may be suffering from allergies, get in touch with your veterinarian without delay. Here are a number of things you can do about allergies:

You can introduce the following to your dog’s diet and see how they fare:

- Food formulated with a blend of requisite nutrients, antioxidants, and probiotics

- Probiotic Supplements

- Probiotic Allergy Support Supplements

- Support digestive and immune health

- Omega-3 fatty acids (this is helpful for supporting your pup’s skin, coat, joints, and heart)

Boost Immune System

Make sure you offer ample support your Frenchies immune system. Try introducing peanut butter supplements and Probiotic Supplements under the supervision of your vet.

A large number of allergy supplements are available on the market these days. These are specifically designed to control allergy symptoms without the need of antihistamines. The supplements provide your pet ample support required for a strong immune system, ample histamine production, and valuable digestive enzymes.

Change Diet

If your Frenchie is suffering from allergies and you just don’t know why, try switching their food!

Most of the time, French Bulldog owners do not realize that they just need to switch their dog diet! Most vets recommend shifting from a beef diet to a salmon diet. This helps because certain type of protein sources is incompatible with some breeds. Switching food type really helps! You can also speak to your vet to gain a detailed understanding of the best food types to introduce to your allergic pup.

To Sum Up

It is important to keep an eye on your dog’s allergy symptoms. Consult your veterinarian without delay to control the issue and help your pet enjoy a healthy happy life. =====================================================================

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