Facts to Know about French Bulldogs

Facts to Know about French Bulldogs

Have you been toying with the idea of buying a French Bulldog? Well, they are so adorable!  Those distinctive bat ears are loved by most dog lovers. These dogs also have wrinkly face and stout sturdy body. The cute creatures can bring smile to the faces of onlookers. Frenchies are also known for their entertaining and affectionate nature. They are born to be human’s companion. A French Bulldog pup is smart and playful. They love to be on their owner’s lap.

Here are some of the other interesting facts about the adorable French Bulldog:

1. An Amazing Watchdog

You would be surprised to know that the short and cute French Bulldog can be a good watchdog. He may not like unnecessary visitors at home. So expect him to bark as soon as someone is at the door. Since the breed is territorial, don’t expect the puppy to be a guard dog.


2. Adaptable

Buying a Frenchie will be the best decision of yours. They are super adaptable and can live in an apartment, a pent house, a bungalow, a country house or anywhere. Frenchies are not athletic. However, they love their daily walks. Most of the time, they are thrilled to be outside.


3. Companion Dog

Most people are unaware but French Bulldogs can make the best pal for single owners, families with kids, and couples. They are playful and loving. These dogs are safe with kids. One of the best things is that Frenchies need minimal grooming and exercise. So if you are working and busy, your pup’s regular grooming will not be your concern.


4. Easier to Train

Did you know Frenchies are one of the easiest breeds to train? Most people focus on their reputation of stubbornness. However, they are eager to please their owner. They are good learners and love being the center of attention. So if you see Frenchies for Sale San Clemente, get one for home without worrying about training them.


5. Stubborn!

French bulldogs have a reputation for stubbornness. They earned this reputation. Don’t worry, you just need a little patience and the proper motivation to help them learn better and faster. You just need to turn the training sessions into a game. Once you do this, the French Bulldog will enjoy this and learn well.


6. Brachycephalic Breed

French Bulldogs are short nosed breed. So, they are vulnerable to certain heath concerns. You should keep this in mind when getting one home. They have short face and smaller nose which make breathing very difficult and less efficient. The characteristic makes them less tolerant to heat, humidity, and severe exercise. So make sure you do not involve them in over exercising. A French Bulldog should be kept cool in hot weather. It is recommended to keep these puppies in an air-conditioned space.

When they are breathless, they make unusual noise while breathing. Do not ignore if he spits up foam. Under such circumstances, consult your veterinarian. The dog may be suffering from pinched nostrils. Elongated soft palette may also be obstructing his airway. A veterinarian will handle this issue.


7. Snore

French Bulldog are very noisy. They have a tendency to snore. This may be sometimes annoying, amusing, or even mysteriously comforting.


8. Powerful Jaws

You should buy indestructible toys for French Bulldog puppy. They have very powerful jaws and can easily tear apart the toys and chewable items.

If you are looking forward to buy a French Bulldog, don’t think twice. These cute creatures can make for the most amazing pets for you and your family.

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