Questions You should Ask your French Bulldog Breeder

Questions You should Ask your French Bulldog Breeder

Are you looking forward to get a Frenchie puppy home? If yes, then it is time to visit a reputed breeder. A good professional breeder will help make the right choice. In order to make sure you are dealing with the right person, it is important to establish a close conversation session with the frenchie breeder California. Here are a few questions you should ask your breeder:

Do you engage in any dog related activities other than breeding?

In case, the breed says he is involved in other activities such as conformation shows, obedience training, field trials, etc. chances are they breed solely for profits. They will also be value their dogs as loving companions.

What is the frequency of breeding?

As a general rule, a good breeder should not have a large number of dogs at one time. Additionally, they should not churn out puppies without taking into consideration the health of mother.

How do they treat you?

A genuine breeder should be very happy to meet you and welcome your queries. They should tell you about how the dogs they have and process. An unwelcoming breeder should not be considered for a deal.

Will you take the dog back?

This might sound a little intimidating but an important question to ask. You should ask the breeder if he will take back the dog in case, you are unable to keep it. A responsible breeder should be ok with taking the dog back. You may also enquire about a buy back policy. Rehoming dog with the breeder can be a responsible option in the event you are unable to keep the dog anymore.

Do you also use a sales contract?

It is important to ask for a copy of their contract. The breeder should be open to discuss about the terms of contract. Having a good contract is crucial to avoid misunderstandings in the long run.

Has the puppy been tested for any genetic diseases prevalent among French Bulldogs?

It is important that the breeder shows you the health certificates testifying the tests done for health. The breeder should also not have any qualms helping you understanding health of a French Bulldog.


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