Protecting your French Bulldog from Ticks and Fleas

Protecting your French Bulldog from Ticks and Fleas


Tick removal is not hygienic. It can cause infection. These scary creatures may even transmit different diseases. The best thing to do is to protect a French bulldog against ticks and fleas.

Here are some tips to follow:



The trick is to focus on ‘flea dirt’. You can spot pepper like consistency on your Frenchie’s skin. It may drop on the bedding of the pup, the furniture and carpet. Once you spot it, vacuum clean your home thoroughly. Take the pup to a vet to know about the type of product to be used for spraying the interior.


Signs and Symptoms


A tick may be infected. This may give any of the following conditions to your Frenchie:


Lyme Disease

The condition is caused by deer tick. Get your pooch checked for the condition while buying from a frenchie breeder Los Angeles CA. It is characterized by symptoms such as fatigue, stiffness, lameness, fever, loss of appetite, and swollen joints. Unfortunately, your pooch may not show signs until several months after being infected.


Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever


The disease comes from the following ticks:

- Wood tick

- American dog tick

- Lone star tick


Symptoms of this disease include fever, stiffness, skin lesions, and some neurological problems. The illness may last for around 2 weeks. It is important to treat it immediately to avoid death.


Canine Bartonellosis


It is caused by the brown dog bite. Some of the main symptoms include fever and lameness. It is important to treat the disease immediately. Frenchies may suffer from liver or heart disease if the condition is left untreated.


Canine Babesiosis

The disease is caused by American dog tick bite. Bites of brown dog tick can also cause it. Spotting on time will help your dog keep some serious conditions such as anemia at bay. Some of the symptoms include vomiting, pale gums, and weakness.


Protection against Ticks and Fleas

Prevention is an important aspect. Try out anti-tick and flea shampoos. Another way to do this is getting your Frenchie a preventative vaccination. This is very helpful in reducing the risk of getting ticks.

It is also possible to prevent fleas by using different products. One of them is to apply anti-flea oil. You can also apply different powders after consulting your vet.




Frenchies have sensitive skin. Hence, it is important to choosing products carefully. Strictly avoid artificial colors and ingredients. These are not suitable as Frenchies can act sensitively to the ingredients.

In case, you notice dog displaying unusual behavior, it might be the product you used on him. If that is the case, simply discontinue using immediately. Most vets will prescribe antihistamines oral therapy to help overcome the issue.



Using anti-tick and flea collars can be helpful. You can make your Frenchie wear them. These are effective for a specific time period. You can check that out while buying. The collar can help prevent the pup from flea or tick attack while roaming around freely outside. Most collars are adjustable. Hence, you won’t face any issue making your pooch wear them. Waterproof collars are ideal for swimming.

Another French bulldog collar that will keep your pet safe from these ugly creatures is the collar that is rich in natural herbal repellents such as citronella oil, peppermint essential oil, and lemon essential oil. It comes with 2 collars in a pack and provides up to 8 months of protection.

When putting this type of collar on your dog’s neck, you need to leave the space for 2 fingers under the collar when it’s around the dog’s neck. Cut off any excess length of collar to prevent your dog from chewing on it.


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