Maintenance of French Bulldogs – Are they High Maintenance?

Maintenance of French Bulldogs – Are they High Maintenance?

A little cute Frenchie at home can be a relaxing and divine experience. Owners of this little angel do not regret their choice. However, you may have heard several wide ranging opinions about overall maintenance of a French bulldog.

Is it low maintenance? Is it a high maintenance dog? Well, the truth is that this breed does not actually require expensive maintenance! You do not need to spend a large amount of money to ensure the pup is clean, attractive, healthy and happy.

Make sure you buy a puppy from the right frenchie breeder San Clemente CA. Once you do this, you can rest assured about having a healthy well maintained dog. Initially, you'll have to invest an essential puppy starter kit. Do not skip any vaccinations.

Maintenance of a French Bulldog

Did you know every dog breed is vulnerable to heat stroke or hypothermia if fails to get proper care? Hence, owning a dog is never an easier task regardless of the breed you choose to have. It is like having a baby. You are solely responsible for your dog's health.

Avoid buying a French bulldog from breeders that sell puppies for cheap. This is because; a healthy puppy will not be available for such a price. You need to take into account, several things such as the process of mating, the cost of a C-section and number of puppies.

You need to take the following things into consideration for a regular and wise French Bulldog’s Maintenance:


Did you now Frenchies belong to moderate shedders? This means you just need to brush their fur only once a week. You can use a grooming glove or brush. Make sure you reach all the places on your pup’s body.


Bathing demands of a Frenchie mainly depends on his lifestyle. For instance, if you allow your pooch to rolls everywhere and it gets dirty frequently, then it is important to bathe him regularly. You can use a Silicone Brush and a dog shampoo for gently massaging your dog's fur. A dry cleaning foam can also be used between bath.

Trim Nails

Well, it's true that dogs don't get thrilled by seeing a nail trimmer in owners' hands. However, you can teach your pooch to act calm by previously cuddling him, telling praise words, and giving him treats. The following nail trimmer is specially created not to cause any pains while you're trimming your Frenchie's nails. It's the newest and fastest way to keep your pet's nails trim rounded and smooth with no mess caused by traditional nail clippers.


Clean Folds

Those folds do make them look cute and unique. However, they also need regular cleaning. The folds can be the ideal place for bacteria to grow. They tend to collect a lot of dirt and moist resulting in bacterial growth and infection. You require regular cleaning with wet baby wipes or a soft clean damp cloth.

Tail Pocket

Most owners fail to keep a check on tail pocket. It is one of the best-hidden places on a dog's body. It can get irritated and red without regular cleaning. Proper hygiene is important to keep severe infection at bay.

Clean Ears

French bulldogs have wide opened ears. Experts recommend you to regularly check the ears of your pooch. Look for any piece of a plant stuck inside of it. Take note of your pup’s behavior. If you see him excessively scratching his ears, then he may have developed an ear infection. Keep the ears clean using a mild cleaning solution dipped in soft cloth or clean cotton balls. Any signs of infection should be checked medically.


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