Things to Know before getting a French Bulldog

Things to Know before getting a French Bulldog

The French bulldog is very popular dog breed in today’s time. It is the number one choice for most families in search of friendly dog. They are playful, have high level of awareness, and even make an excellent watchdog.

Here are some things you should know about a frenchie before you get it home:

Expensive Breed

Are you planning to buy a French Bulldog from frenchie breeder California? If yes, then you should know that the breed is very expensive. The breed is very popular and in huge demand. Hence, it is crucial to spend money on them. It will all be worth it.


When buying a French bulldog, make sure you get them checked by a vet. They may be prone to genetic issues. The dog you buy should be healthy.

Prone to Obesity

Keep tabs on the weight of your Frenchie. Not providing them a playful environment will make them obese. A proper and nutritious meal plan is important for them. It is important to take your dog out on a walk daily. Additionally, you should take the dog to a professional vet on a monthly basis to check for symptoms related to airway disease, orthopedic conditions etc.

Playing with them is Important

French bulldogs love to play. Introducing him to your children is important. Allow them to play with the Frenchie. Make sure you supervise your kids and teach them ways to interact with the dog. Once they are comfortable with each other, leave them alone.

Longer Lifespan

A French Bulldog can live up to 10 or 12 years. Yes, it is right! All you need to do is give them good care. They can live even more than 12 years.


Most people may not know how beneficial neutering your French bulldog can be. In case, you are getting him to be a part of family (not breeding), it is important to neutering your Frenchie. Neutering French bulldogs reduces the chances of your pooch developing serious diseases such as cancer. It also makes the dog less aggressive.

Can’t Swim

It is true that Frenchies can’t swim! They have short legs and front-heavy bodies. This makes them the worst swimmers among their canine counterparts!

Easier to Groom

French bulldogs are easy to groom. They have very short coats. This means when they shed their coats, they do not make mess. They also do not require much time outdoor time. A Frenchie do not get dirty very often.

Not to be Left Alone

Regardless of the breed you plan to buy, you must take out some time for your pet. If you don’t have the time to be with your pet, groom him, play with him or take care of him, avoid getting a pet. Although some dog breeds can be left alone for certain period of time, a French bulldog may not approve of it. They are attached to their master and may get very anxious and stressed when left alone for a long time. In case, it is not possible to be with them all the time, make sure you leave your furry buddy with someone he can trust. =====================================================================

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