Is your French Bulldog Sick? Ways to Tell if your Frenchie isn’t Feeling Well

Is your French Bulldog Sick? Ways to Tell if your Frenchie isn’t Feeling Well


Timely treatment can save your Frenchie from many serious illnesses. Since Frenchies are prone to numerous health issues, it is crucial to keep a check on them. Most health issues usually begin once they are 1-2 years old. Younger dogs may also fall sick depending on the genes. It is also recommend checking for health certificates with your frenchie breeder San Clemente CA when buying a puppy.


Some of the most common health issues among French Bulldogs include the following listed below:


Ear Infections - Narrow ear canals make these cuties more prone to infections. Severe infections can even lead to rupture of ear drum and intense pain.


Conjunctivitis - The genetic makeup of Frenchies makes them more prone to this health condition. Short-nosed (brachycephalic) breed are attacked by allergies, virus and bacteria causing infections.




Stomach upsets are common among French Bulldogs. Hence, you should monitor their diet very closely. Diarrhea is caused by viruses, parasites, or e.coli.

Skin Infections

French Bulldogs are prone to skin issues mainly Skin Fold Dermatitis. The breed has folded facial skin around their nose and muzzle which makes them prone to dermatitis. The infection may also occur on other parts of their bodies (mainly folded) such as their crotch, armpit, and neck. Dermatitis can be prevented by keeping folds of skin dry. Pyoderma is another bacterial infection that attack Frenchies. This is due to a scratch or cut that becomes infected.



Here are some of the symptoms that indicate a health problem among French Bull dog:


Skin Problem


Keep a watch on pus and redness of skin. Any loss of hair on the affected skin area is also a red flag.




Skin infections can cause symptoms such as biting, itching, and scratching of the affected area. The affected area may become red and have sores. Get the pooch checked with a vet.




Coughing is not a good sign. Consider it as a serious red flag and contact vet immediately. This is an indication that the Frenchie is infected with heartworms or other ailments.


Eye Build Up or Discharge


This may be a sign of infection or eye irritation. Another serious issue is the eye turning red. You should keep an eye on the color of discharge. Green or yellow colored discharge needs antibiotic eye drops.




Is your furry buddy suffering from constant watery stool? Do not wait. Take him to a vet before it is too late.


Puke after Feed


Some dogs have a tendency to vomit food especially when they face difficulty breathing. If your Frenchie drink a lot of water, it can vomit stomach acid that appears similar to foamy water.

However, throwing too often and vomiting food may be due to a health issue such as ingesting something bad, dehydrated, or other underlying conditions.




Keep a watch on excessive scratching around ear area. If your pooch is scratching frequently and you notice redness inside the ear, take him to a vet. This may be a sign of ear infection.


Refuses to Eat or Drink


When your pooch is sick, it will lose appetite. Take this as an indication that something is wrong. The Frenchie may have caught a virus or could be in pain. Under such conditions, it is advisable to contact your vet without delay.


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