French Bulldogs – What is their Smartness Quotient?

French Bulldogs – What is their Smartness Quotient?

Are French Bull Dogs smart? Well, there’s definitely a reason why these cuties are ranked among one of the 5 most popular dog breeds across the United States. The breed is very affectionate, playful, and adaptable. They are very well-tempered and do not need a high maintenance. The intelligence ranking of these dogs may be low, but they’re actually quite smart!

Now the question is whether they are actually smart! Your Frenchie breeder Las Vegas
will be able to explain you more about this! According to a data, French Bulldogs are ranked as the 109th smartest dog breed. This classifies them as “below average” breed (in terms of obedience & working IQ).

The reason for low ranking is primarily due to the stubborn nature they have. However, Frenchies were actually bred to make great companions to humans and read human emotions. They are good at communicating. Interestingly, they possess some of the highest adaptive-intelligence among dogs. They will not follow their human fellows blindly. However, they are much smarter than they are perceived by people.

Reasons Why French Bulldogs Are Smart In Reality


Ultimate Companions

Instinctive intelligence is the ability or special skill possessed by dog breed since birth. French Bulldogs are meant to show companionship. This is precisely what these dogs were originally bred for. They make wonderful pets and companions. French Bulldogs were bred with a stiller temperament for providing companionship. They can also be referred to as the “toy” versions of bulldogs.

Adaptive Intelligence

This is the ultimate facet of canine intelligence. The IQ category refers to the ability of a breed to solve problems and learn for him / herself. French Bulldog actually shines in this aspect among the rest! Adaptive intelligence may vary significantly among French Bulldogs. Usually they have high adaptive intelligence. Frenchies are known to have a fantastic understanding of human emotions. Many can interpret the feelings of their owner. They are capable of changing their behavior as per the attitude of their owner. This indicates the presence of higher adaptive intelligence. Many owners have admitted that their French Bulldog has learnt multiple languages.

Baby Friendly

These cuties make amazing babysitters for human babies. They can even handle babies of other animal species. Your baby is absolutely safe with a Frenchie.


The breed displays a good amount of courage when faced with tough or new situations faced, strangers, new territory or animals.

Talk Back

French Bull dogs have a tendency to “talk” back to their master. The breed is known to make use of a complex system of the following to convey difficult messages:

- Various barking sounds

- Growling

- Other sounds

Paying close attention to your French Bulldog will help you to understand what they wish to convey.


Interestingly, Frenchies display jealousy towards the owner. They may be jealous if you have a baby at home or bring a new animal to the house. The emotion is a sign of higher intelligence levels.


The breed will actually feel guilty acting accordingly if they come to know that they have made you upset over something.

Independent Spirit

French Bulldogs have an independent spirit. They are capable of acting on their own. The breed does not fully and blindly obeying the master. This is a significant sign of intelligence.

French Bulldogs are intelligent dogs. They can fill your life with love, care and happiness. The breed is known to be one of the greatest companions of humankind. Make sure you get a French Bulldog from a reputed breeder. This will make sure you have a healthy, happy and smart Frenchie. =====================================================================

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